Plug-In Hybrid Electric


The Best of Both Worlds

With two sources of power, a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) gives you all the benefits of a hybrid electric vehicle plus an extended CO2 emissions-free electric-only driving range. So you can do more with less, while reducing carbon emissions along the way.


Get More. Do More.

Less Fuel. Lower Emissions

PHEVs can travel faster and further in EV-mode than conventional hybrid electric vehicles. So you can spend more time in zero-fuel driving, and reduce emissions even more.

Leave Range Anxiety Behind

With both a gas engine and electric motor, even if your hybrid battery runs low, you never need to worry about finding a charging station.

Powerful Response

The electric motor provides immediate torque for instant acceleration. Automatically switching between gas and electricity means you enhance performance under every driving condition.

eAWD for All-Weather Confidence

Toyota PHEVs are available with electronic-All-Wheel-Drive that features dedicated motors at every wheel for added confidence no matter what the conditions.

No Additional Maintenance

A Toyota PHEVs maintenance schedule is nearly identical to one of our gas powered vehicles.

Enjoy More Incentives

PHEVs qualify for the federal government’s iZEV program which offers an EV incentive for the purchase of a qualifying Plug-In Hybrid Electric vehicles. Visit Transport Canada to learn more.

How Does a Plug-In Hybrid Work?

Enhance Your Potential

There is nothing complicated about a PHEV. Just like a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), it has both a gas engine and electric motors, and automatically switches between electric-mode only (EV mode), gas-mode only, or a seamless combination of both.
Here’s the difference. With its larger battery and more powerful motor, a PHEV allows you to travel further in EV-mode alone than a conventional HEV. Like an HEV, the battery recharges through regenerative braking. You can also choose to plug-in to extend your electric-only driving range.


Power Up for Peak Performance

Charging your PHEV is simple. Just plug it in. At home, at work, or at any public charging station. Charging times depend on whether you are using Level 1 or 2 charging.

Find Your Ideal Electrified Vehicle

From compact sedan to full-size pickup, we offer electrified vehicles to help power your lifestyle.


Built to Last

Toyota Mirai comes with the same basic warranty as every Toyota vehicle, backed up with additional Limited Warranty Coverages.

* Whichever comes first. See Owner’s Manual Supplement or ask your Dealer for details.

Electrified Toyota vs. Gasoline Vehicle Calculator

An electrified vehicle can help you save at the gas pump, while reducing emissions. How much? It takes only a moment to find out.